Advantages of Having a Digital Business Card

In this article, we’ll show you how digital business cards can help your business prosper and highlight their key benefits.

Digital business cards are the new trend.

Accepting innovation offers a wide range of opportunities for the company. For example, using technology to enhance customer service operations can improve a customer’s digital experience. Competition is inevitable when new companies enter the market. To keep up with the competition, businesses need to digitize, which is the best way to stay agile. Failure to modernize processes that can improve the digital customer experience can drive customers to the competition. Excluding digital transformation from your business plan can cost you valuable revenue. Today’s customers expect services to be more intuitive, automated, and personalized, high-quality digital experiences.

They conquer the market as more and more people want to share their expertise quickly, conveniently and safely. Technology is becoming more and more present in people’s daily lives, and with the constant change in technology, some habits need to change to keep up with new trends and the current digital age.

6 advantages of digital business cards and why they are increasingly used:

1.Increased retention of business cards delivered and received

About 88% of the traditional business cards distributed are discarded. This is not because they are not interested in contacting the delivery person, but because they lack a place to store and organize them. Therefore, if the person actually needs a contact, the card will not be found anywhere.

With digital business cards, you can save them and store them on your phone effortlessly. This allows you to find them easily, whenever you need them.

2. Increased retention of business cards delivered and received

Two trees are stored for every 100 customers who use digital business cards. Therefore, by introducing digital maps, you and your company are contributing to environmental protection.

3. Interactive

Digital cards are responsive. This means that with just one click, you will be redirected to make a call, send an email, or access a social network. This makes making calls, for example, much more practical and eliminates the risk of making the wrong choice and making unnecessary calls.

4. Unlimited Sharing

Imagine that you are at an event and there you meet someone. You mention your job and that person is interested in your service and asks for your professional contact. You check your pockets but then remember that you don’t have your business cards with you, because you didn’t think you would need them. Due to this little slip-up, you end up losing a possible customer or lead.

However, with digital business cards, this would not have happened, as you would have had it with you.

5.Easily changeable

If you change information such as your phone number, you will need to order a new business card and discard the old one. Digital cards make these updates easier and faster because they happen instantly. You don’t have to wait days for a new card to arrive. It’s also economical because you don’t have to pay to print more cards. They are also ecological because you don’t have to dispose of old cards.

6.Good impression

Make a great impression with the exclusive and innovative presentation of your digital business card. When asked if you have a business card, answer “No, there is something better”. Next, present your digital business card. This response catches the attention of the other person and is an interesting way to start a conversation.


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